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kit made musket - cain - 09-12-2017

Hello all, this is my first post and i start with a question.
Where do i stand legally if i built a rifled musket from a kit or component parts. I see kits available from sources like track the wolf and the rifle shoppe, The only information i can find is that you need to be a registered RFD to manufacture firearms. As far as i can make out, as long as you have a slot on your ticket for the calibre and type of firearm to aquire, then you can get it to the proof house for testing, when it passes proof it is then a firearm and must be on ticket? At what point does it become a firearm during manufacture? when the breech plug is fitted? when the touch hole is drilled?
Although i am not a gunsmith, i am a competent engineer and have re stocked a few muskets and pistols to keep an otherwise pile of spares alive.
My aim is a 1800 pat infantry rifle, baker , useing a Colerain barrel from the states, components from Peter Dyson and Blackleys, Walnut from a local source to me. and my own manufactured parts.
I have all the information and sizes, photos, sketches and drawings to make an accurate replica, and the skill.
I made a Nock screwless lock from an original that i have, marvelous piece of 18c engineering. I intend to use it in a replica Duke of Richmond musket, 
Just want to make sure everything is above board and legal before i start anything.

RE: kit made musket - Robin_G_Hewitt - 15-12-2017

On a muzzle loader the only component the authorities are interested in is the barrel. Theoretically it will be seized by Customs until you produce the firearm or shotgun certificate required to posses it. In practice they will probably just deliver it and you inform the plod. Don't forget there is also a requirement to have it proofed.

I made a long rifle and it was fun. Sadly it was the only non-antique in my collection and became a pain in the bum so I had to let it go.

RE: kit made musket - FBoulton - 15-12-2017

There is no requirement to have it proofed unless you want to sell it.