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Another Continental Rifle
Enclosed are images of a 16 bore Continental rifle in smoothbore which I have just restored.I would say it is German target rifle in the manner of a Shutzen  Rifle with a 35 inch round iron barrel
[Image: 100_1499_zps4ygupuba.jpg]
[Image: 100_1500_zpszfxkn9dr.jpg]
Lock with maker name
[Image: 100_1520_zpsd3pc3lp2.jpg]
Since posting this thread can any member say what this gun was used for.There has been a suggestion that it was a African big game rifle,I personnally believe it is a Swiss Military/Target rifle  which has later been bored smoothbore The markings on the barrel  breech  show a wild boar or bear inside a shield .The name Sckenk is on the lock which may have been the family of gunmakers that worked in Berne Switzerland at that time .
[Image: 100_1502_zpsby6zwfyi.jpg]
Joe Salter has something in a similar vein in his on-line catalogue.   11.4 lb, .65 calibre Swiss target rifle.   Good pics.
I think it could be a bench rest target rifle. There is a brass projection under the forend that looks as though it is used to steady the rifle. You are right that it has been smoothbored, the calibre may have been about 12mm. It looks too heavy to be held off-hand. It could also have been used as a hunting rifle I suppose, but I would hate to carry it very far.
This a swiss sniper rifle, but initally would have been rifled.
The shield is from the Canton and the number is the weapon number. How many were made is unknown. Some small cantons maybe only 20 where the bigger cantons made several hundreds, all by privat gunsmiths.
Thanks Dutchgun
Your very good information I would say solves my enquire
Your welcome Feltwad.
I have a few of these so it was easy.
Hi Dutchgun

Did you see the other Continentail Rifle that I had in this forum in April 2015 ?

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