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Presentation and My Pedersoli Gibbs .45 six shots at 100 meters
Some tests done because desperation in finding a compromise to shoot the PP that are somewhat mangy
6 shoots at 110 yards with the best damn flyer
[Image: 2rfbwk5.jpg]

Could be good but finished powder, however, from the previous not having lubricated the patch barrel is dirty more
[Image: 34698c3.jpg]

An alternative to the use 1,5F 2F which has performed remarkably well
Note that although the particle size is different, there is practically no difference in speed
[Image: 303iznr.jpg]

Decreasing the dose widens
[Image: 154ww39.jpg]

Conclusion: I stubbornly use boots on 65-70 max 80 but I found that for PP it takes so GASSSSSSSSS
After a year of pause i made other experiments.
This resulted in 110 yards of slightly lubricated paper with shoe fat
[Image: image-20170509165708-D1A1_5911DD9B.jpg]

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