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Ardesa William Parker Match of London 1810 cal 45
I bought this gun for a few €, i rebuilt the front sight because despite loads of 3F 15 - 18 - 21 was firing more and about 10 inches taller.
I managed to find the optimum combination with 15 gn 3F without meal, but honestly even with a cartridge case of the 45 ACP semolina i did not have any difference.
Seven shots in 10  Big Grin
[Image: zx2yhw.jpg]
What ball size, what patch size?
What range?
The round ball I got it from a dual cavity mold Lyman and is .445, the patches no measurements were made, I made with a 30 mm punch with a winter bed sheet that is slightly brushed, lubricated with grease of plant origin shoes with lanolin.
I recovered the patches shoot and I saw that the gases do not escape and you can see the marks of grooves.
The distance is 25 meters.
I'd guess the patch is at least 0.015 inches then. That and a .445 ball sounds a very tight fit to me. I sometimes have to use a mallet to get .440 ball and 0.015 patch down the bore.
I'm still experimenting, but at the moment accuracy seems to be much improved using a wad over the powder, malleting the ball lightly to seat it, and using a spit patch (yes, rather disgusting for polite company) rather than an oiled one.
At 25 metres that's very impressive, Saltner.

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