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Transitional revolver ID help please.
A friend of a friend has a percussion revolver that we can't identify.  Looks for all money to be a Lang but the top barrel flat is marked "J&B Smith London".  Any help would be appreciated thanks.  Trying to upload pic but can't figure out how??
Many guns, especially shotguns, would be marked by the retailer especially if he ordered a quantity and the maker may have done this for him.

Ok, so I finally added a couple of pics!

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This appears to be a Lang type gas-seal revolver, that is on being cocked the cylinder moves forward so that the mouth of the chamber will enter the cone shaped rear section of the barrel. This should stop a lot of gas escape as well as locking the cylinder in place. This improvement seems to be more theoretical than practical. See the later Russian Nagant 7.62 metalic cartridge revolver.
Some later ones may have been made without the gas seal feature and I'm sure that I have seen ones with a fluted cylinder.
Google "Lang gas seal revolvers" to see pictures. They seem to be quite valuable.


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