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Joseph Lang percussion pistol
Hi all, I have a Joseph Lang percussion pistol, marked on top of the barrel with 22 cockspur st london, does anyone know a bit more about the maker? Such as what period did he produce guns?


Powder wad ball cap bang reload
Joseph Lang, gunmaker (opened as Gun & Pistol Repository from Wilson’s Warehouse, Vigo Lane.), 7 Haymarket, 1825 to 1852, (Shooting Gallery adjoining from 1827); 22 Cockspur, Charing Cross 1853 to 1874. Became Joseph Lang & Sons, eventually amalgamating with Stephen Grant. Exhibited four and six barrel revolvers at the Great Exhibition in 1851. Popularised  the pinfire breechloader. Granted British Patent No.1785 of 1867 (breech loader with dropping hinge barrels). Famous for his lemon and white pointer game dogs. His son also Joseph was apprenticed to James Purdey in 1845. [see Howard Blackmore DICTIONARY OF LONDON GUNMAKERS …]
W. S. (Bill) Curtis

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