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Adjusting elevation by changing the load
I have an Uberti 1858 Remington that shoots really well, however, it shoots just a touch high (about 3/4-1").  I don't really want to change the front sight just to gain that small amount and was wondering if anyone has any advice as to whether a slightly heavier or lighter load will do the trick.  Current load is 18gr of FFFg plus filler (semolina).

Any suggestions welcome.
You aren't telling us at what distance are you shooting.
However, having said this, if the point of impact is consistent, I wouldn't touch the dose and would instead (if I didn't want to touch the front sight) change the point of aim or get used to aim with the front sight not in line with the rear sight, but rather down in the "V". as we used to do with the Carcanos.
Just my Humble 2 eurocents....

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