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Two Muzzle Loading Shotguns for Sale
I'm trying to make some room in my gun cabinet, and have two muzzle loading shotguns for sale - both 12 bore. The first is a standard Pedersoli side by side percussion shotgun. Not had a lot of use. In very good condition. 28 inch chrome lined barrels. Henry Krank have this for sale new £720. I'm looking for around £200.
The second is an Artax Manton single barrel sporting flintlock with 32" barrel, nice walnut stock. Again not had a lot of use, in good condition and sparks well. Henry Krank have this for sale new £550. Again I'm looking for around £200.
I can email you some pictures if you give me an email address.
Interested in your Manton if still available? My e-mail address is
Sorry, both shotguns now sold.

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