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MLAGB Air Rifle Section
Not sure what section to put this post in. If mods wish to move please do so.
The MLAGB has a very active Air rifle section which operates at the Wedgnock Range. Range C 25m and sometimes with permission Range B 50m are used.  I shoot both FAC and BP Revolver and being a full member of the MLAGB and WRPC I can only hope that this facility will encourage new shooters to take up the sport. I think most of us have used an air rifle in the distance past. Shooting an Air Rifle can generate great interest for youngsters to have a go.
We have many competitions which members of the MLAGB and the WRPC are welcome to attend. For new members we have fully qualified instructors and fully qualified RCO,s. If you require any further information just drop me a message.

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