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Introduction and hello from South Africa
My son Kevin (22) and I (old) have been black powder and muzzleloaders for last 10 years, him more than myself. We enjoy shooting on the range and he hunts exclusively with his double .72 Pedersoli safari express. So far we have a percussion .54 Lyman pistol, .50 Stainless deerstalker Lyman and a .44 Remington army sheriff by Pietta.

My son is very eager to buy a 45-70 rolling block replica but because they are crazy expensive he has decided to sell the double. Is Pedersoli the best for the breech loader replicas?

Will post photos of hunting if anyone is interested.

I think that Pedersoli are the best of the mass produced rifles on the market - they also have a good distribution network. I've been pleased with Pedersoli rifles (muzzle and breech loading).

Welcome to the forum!

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