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What ball/bullet are you throwing down range ?
Currently I have access to patched ball ( as they came with the gun) and Maxi-ball ( as a fellow shooter has the mould ). Someone has suggested I try REAL bullets. ( i.e. I buy the mould lol )

I have recently been schooled in the art of casting my own maxi-balls, 3 hours later with a break for coffee, I am the proud owner of 275 lumps of shaped lead  Big Grin should keep me going for a few months.

I have had differing opinions with the maxi-ball, some say to lube others say not to. Advice please.

Also other than the REAL bullets what others are worth trying ? Considering we only shoot at 25-50m.

And whilst talking about lubes ?  Is it best to buy an off the shelf muzzle loading lube or make my own , if so any hints on the recipes/procedure involved.

In fact any hints on bullets, lubes, patches etc greatfully received.

And one final ( for now ), the rifle I bought belonged to an American gent who brought over here from the states, then sold to me via an RFD.  Now in amongst the gear we're a few sabot rounds of expanding ammo. Again different opinions have been given. Some say that it's illegal for me to have others suggest that a recent change in law has over ruled that.

I'm pretty sure the sabot rounds will never be used as I am a target shooter and not a hunter as the previous owner.

Cheers for now

I would grease the maxi balls with a mix of beeswax and unsalted lard. I use 5 pts by volume of beeswax to 1 part by volume of unsalted lard on my minne' bullets. for round ball I generally use spit patch (saliva)

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