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Freaky things on youtube
Came across this while looking for some thing else, as you do !!

Forgotten Weapons with Ian McCullun from Rock Island Auctions in US of A..

British Teasers,
British Breach Loading and Trials Rifles.  (no address given but query The Pattern Room at Leeds??)
The fourth one in is a J.R. Coopers 1861 Patent made by Cooper and Goodman in Birmingham, U.K.
As the proud owner of one I have tried to trace as many as possible and have only found 6 others
over the last 45/50 years. Don't know if the one shewn is one I already know..
     Keep Looking,
             OLD DOG..

Sorry, some bum info.. The fourth one in may be J.R. Cooper's 4th Patent of1864. The one shewn 5th is the 3rd 1861 Patent. Pederson and Luger had to find their ideas fro somewhere.  M.S.

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