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Black powder 12g Bretta tricentennial
Can anyone suggest loads for the 12g Beretta tricentennial.
I have Swiss 2 / 4 / and 5 powders
Many tanks
All you need is a medium powder  and load a volume load of 2.3/4 drms of powder to 1.1/8 oz of shot .If you are shooting clays shot 7 or 8  will be OK but for game you need  5 or 6 shot.

[Image: P1010006.jpg]

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Many thanks Feltwad that helps. Just a thought, have you experimented with slugs or solid ball?
Once you start using slugs or round balls it then becomes a firearm and can only be used on a approved range . I have never tried these in a smooth bore shotgun but has I shoot round ball I use a rifle and once again only on a approved range
Thanks for keeping in touch Feltwad. I am in fact FAC part one registered and have numerous rifles / pistols of different vintage and calibers. One of my favorite black-powder rifles has to be my Martini Henry two band Enfield.
It will not be difficult to experiment with some loads but was hoping not to reinvent the wheel.
All the best Kevin.

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