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Holbrook Underhammer- For Sale
A Holbrook Underhammer rifle in .451 and .460 calibre. Rifle comes with Holbrook front tunnel sights (with and without spirit bubble level), rear sight (Dr Goodwin) and a .451 Tebbs heavy barrel with muzzle protector. Rifle is also presented with a .460 Eichelberger progressive twist barrel. Both barrels are profiled to the Holbrook action and can be removed with the aid of a barrel vice (supplied - C. Higginbottom) or by hand. Both bores are in excellent condition.
Two (interchangeable) rifle stocks, a tiger stripe maple and dark hardwood stock, C. Higginbottom adjustable PP mold (and GG molds), .451 sizing die, spare springs and spring material are included in the sale.

Additional items include a removable X patching/muzzle protector fixture for the .451 barrel.

Asking £1000. Will consider sensible offers.

Face 2 face preferred or can ship to RFD if necessary.
Contact Tel No. 07812946373 (anytime) or 01159608615 (after 6 pm) for additional information.

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