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Help in IDing this longarm
Hiya Folks
A friend on mine recently bought this percussion longarm (I using that term as I'm unsure exactly what it really is)

Any assistance is gratefully received:

[Image: 24468231617_2d31e4947b.jpg]

This is a view of the top

[Image: 25463498638_11366bf8ed.jpg]

These are the markings on the underside

[Image: 25463502808_228c729ef7.jpg]

And this the the butt the show the stock-stamp that emerged during cleaning. The image isn't that good, but seems to show two crossed sabres in a circle about the size of a £2 coin

[Image: 27554953759_87320fdcce.jpg]

I first wondered if it was a conversion to percussion,

It is around a 12 bore (its the same size as my India pattern Bess)

If there are any other pictures you want, just ask
It looks to me like a trade gun. I am no way an expert so don't take what I say to be anything more than a friendly suggestion.
If I am correct they were made, mostly in Birmingham, and sold for export to the colonies as budget firearms.

World Wide Arms were re- importing them and selling them about 30-40 years ago. I bought one from them but sold it on again a few years later. As I recall they had 3 grades, junk/wall piece was something like £35, best was about £55 but still not a shooter.
Basically it is an inexpensive commercially made single barrel percussion shotgun made up using an old british military barrel.

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