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Wanted Martini Henry/Breechloader
Perhaps buy from someone who knows them an to whom you can go back to.....
Neil has just finished writing a book on them too.
Thank you for taking the time to reply,it’s appreciated.

I wrote to this gentleman three times a while back,twice regarding a M.H. he had for sale and a third time to ask why he never replied to the previous emails,yes you’ve guesssed it,he never replied to that one either,a shame really as he appears to be the guru on these rifles,maybe he was just too busy.

I’m going to look over that one I previously mentioned later in the week,hopefully it’s fit for purpose,if so I’ll report back.
Would you be interested in a Issac Hollis No2 musket 500/450, martini action sporting rifle, has been on my ticket and is accurate. have cases already fireformed and dies. I am focusing more on military rifles

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