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Parker Hale 1861 Enfield .58g Shotgun
Does anyone have or know where I might get hold of instructions for a Parker Hale 1861 Enfield .58g 2 band Shotgun?

I think I've worked out what loads are suitable but a set of instructions would be handy. I've read through the Managing the Enfield article I've seen mentioned here and I've noted the cleaning and maintenance guidance.

I'm interested in the maximum permissible loads, for shot and round ball, and also what is the recommended size of a round ball that can be shot from the .577 smooth bore?

Any help would be gratefully received.
A shot load of 2 drms of medium grade black powder to 3/4 oz of shot would be a good starting load .
Has for round ball in a shotgun this then becomes a fire arm and can only be used on a military approve range
Thanks for the reply, that's roughly was I was going to try. I think I've got hold of all the bits and bobs. What size wads do you use in comparison to the bore? I've got some circle fly wads and chose .589” for the .577 bore, does that sound ok?

I have access to suitable ranges to shoot round ball so that's not a problem. I've seen it suggested in several places that the ball should be a fair bit smaller than you'd use for rifle, so around .560 may be better than .570.

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