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WTB: American Civil War rifle/carbine parts
Hello from Wisconsin.  Six months ago I stumbled on a $2 garage sale find 1859 Sharps carbine.  Had no forend or stock, mainspring, saddle bar, had damage to the hammer, trigger plate and tang, and had two screws busted off at the ends and two that would not budge, and can't forget the rust everywhere.  Fast forward and I have repaired her to where I only need an original stock with patch box and saddle bar inletting.  Why am I asking for parts from across the Atlantic? Ken McPheeters told me that after the war European governments like the UK and France bought up several thousand rifles, carbines and now-precious parts. 

Wanting to continue on all things Sharps, I bought a damaged but otherwise fully accessorized 3-band forend, including the bands, springs, nose piece and screw.  It's missing about 10" x 1/4" of wood on the right rear, but after I removed the varnish and polished the wood up, it looks like a beautiful piece as is.  Now, I'm looking to piece together an 1859 Sharps long rifle.  If I want to repair the forend, I'd need first a serial-matching barrel and receiver.  Then I'd need the complete lock plate, breech block and lever link (have great lever too), rear sight (very rare) and stock.  

Also, I'll be receiving a much lower production Merrill carbine 2nd model barn find.  Is all original that's on her, with some parts likely scavenged long time ago.  There's likely no mainspring (hole in lock plate where should be mainspring stud/pin(?), missing the rear sight and front sight, and the brass forend band and screw. 

If anyone on this forum has parts, or has connections, please do let me know.  I do have for trade two Martini-Henry bayonets and scabbards in immaculate condition with excellent roll-pressed markings. 

Thanks, Eric.

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