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Isaak Hollis and Son Classic British Hunting Rifle
Gentlemen as I reside in the far edges of the Old Empire no one locally seems to have any information regarding the shooting of these classic hunting rifles. I was given this rifle early in the year, it is in well used condition but with a serviceable bore. Forsyth rifling, in nominally .72.  Do any of you gentlemen still use this type of rifle in England, and if so what sort of loads.  I am currently shooting a well undersized ball with leather patching, ( a better fitting ball mould is coming from the US),  I have started with 3 drams of Goex Fg. The load is pleasant to shoot, the grouping at 50 yrs is not great, but not surprising considering the fit of the ball. The rifle came with out case or accessories.  Feltwad suggested I try this club for information[Image: P1300007.jpg]
Kind regards

Gents, I acquired another mould, .71 and using a thick greased denim patch and a charge of 4 drams of Fg I managed to get point of impact the same as point of aim, and a 5 inch group. No patches were damaged and the balls loaded quite smoothly, I had to use a short starter. Bore is really starting to slick up nicely, I think with a little more tinkering I should get it to shoot tighter than 5 inches. I do not expect minute of angle just minute of pig, roo or if really fortunate Deer !! Recoil off the bench is surprisingly pleasant considering the size of the charge. I was shooting 50 yards off the bench.

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