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Sunday afternoon with my UBERTI CATTLEMAN
I decided to spend the Sunday afternoon doing some shooting with my Uberti Cattleman, in 45 colt. Accuracy was excellent, as you can see in the picture, with 4 shots in same hole, 2 more very very close, and one flier that was the shooter´s fault.

[Image: DSCF5895_zps72b36490-1.jpg]

the distance was 25 meters on a 22 lr used standard international pistol target, one hand held, and the load was around 26 grains of 2F RIO (a local brand) black powder, and a light bullet of 200 grains, greased, using rice wheat as filler.

I prefer a slow burning black powder like 2F  in this caliber and barrel length, as the pressure is lower, with less recoil and blast, and longer case life and more accuracy in the UBERTI rifling, in my experience.

the bullet comes from LEE MOLD number 450-200-1R, 200 grains, hard cast, with no resizing, straigth from mould wiht just grease on the bands.....leading is very little ..and with a pass of a copper rod through the bore. is enough to keep on shooting and shooting...

all the best


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