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How Many P-53 Enfields Were Shipped In A Case?
Here in the U.S. Springfield Armory (and other U.S. Armories) shipped their muskets in a wooden case of 20 arms along with 20 bayonets.

Does anyone know how many Enfields along with their bayonets were shipped in a wooden case?

This is a historical research question I need answered.

Hi Southron,  according to Holden, writing in 1866, they were packed 20 in a case or chest, held in place with battens & slips (called "butt & muzzle slips"). Care being taken with Non-interchangeable arms that the bayonet for each was tied with string to the rifle's guard swivel. They were rubbed over with linseed oil, however if being shipped by sea or exposed to damp then rubbed with a composition of bees wax, mutton suet & Rangoon oil (1lb, 1lb, 1pint)    Adrian 

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