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Albini Braendlin Rifle.
A friend is restoring a Albini Braendlin Rifle but unfortunately the Hammer and the Locking and Firing Link are missing.He has asked me to enquire if anyone has details Drawings Photos etc of these items.Alternately does anyone have these parts for sale
He is capable of making the parts to a high degree if he can see the details.
Albini Braendlin Rifle.  11mm Model 80.The one with the Back Action Lock.
Dear mainspring
The hammer is conneted to a link which also contacts the back of the firing pin. It is 1 and 3-4 long and 0.350 dia.
It has a lug which connects the hammer to the connecting link via the axis pin. Hopefully this is of use to you we have photos aswell if you would like these please list your email address.
Thanks Mike i will send an E mail.
Mike, many thanks for the Photos,they  are perfect and should give him the details he wants.

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