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"SMRC" August Meeting
This Meeting for RF and CF "miniature Rifles" was started in the late '90s and was part of the first weekend of the NSRA August Meeting. 
They have cancelled it again this year  SO the HBSA have taken it over. 
Not only that, but we have been able to resurrect the old 1906 Bisley Pistol Gallery (renamed "Winans") for CENTREFIRE use -- the old Range Orders restricted it to .22rf only -- up to 655 m/s MV and 2030 Joules ME --- which allows all of the current "Gallery Rifle" calibres.

The meeting is on AUGUST 9th & 10th,
25y (or so) Slowfire (sighters + 20 scoring shots in 20 mins)

Timelined periods --- Classic, Veteran etc....
for Target, Military Trainer, Sporting rifles;
iron and optical sight classes;
.22, "CF pistol calibres", Rook Rifles, .310 Cadet etc... ...

The HBSA will be announcing the Programme soon --  so keep your eyes peeled and please PUBLICISE the Meeting as widely as possible, to ensure that it is a success and becomes a permanent fixture in the calendar.

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