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Onion Skin Paper.
Anyone know of a source of supply in the UK?
  B.P.Pete, The nearest my OLD Long Founded Next Door Printing Company had to Onion skin was Bank Copy Paper(used to make copies in typewriter days behind carbon paper).I have used this for more years than I care to remember for Patching my.451/.461"buuletts..Find a SMALL local printer and ask politely if they have any old stock of bank paper - it comes in all sorts of clours but it's all the same quality..They may even may have some of the Genuine Article - but then they may say catch up sonny we ditched that when your Grandma stopped using a Type Writer in 1965  Sad Sad Sad..  OLD DOG..
Go on to google and enter silversafe photo paper. I think the web address is www. preservation equipment . com. The paper is about 0.0025" thick and is perfect for patching bullets I have used it for many years. It is acid free and 100% rag paper. The only thing is that you have to buy a lot of it, it comes in 2ft x3ft lengths and is used to protect old photographs and fabrics.
Thanks Deva and AC.   I will follow up on those.  And I have emailed for a sample of the Silver Safe paper.

Grandma was using a typewriter in 1965?    I was using a typewriter in 1965!   Occasionally.   A useful excuse to visit the girls in the typing pool.    Ah, those were the days!    

Peter Starley in Warwick sells Onion Skin Paper or at least he did a couple of years ago, look on Black Powder website for his contact details.

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