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Flintlock Accoutrements/Accessories
Here are some flintlock accoutrements that my friends and I use for shooting/hunting.

[Image: DSCN1756.jpg]

[Image: HPIM1106.jpg]

[Image: HPIM1091.jpg]

[Image: HPIM1082.jpg]

[Image: MVC-008F.jpg]

[Image: MVC-018F-1.jpg]

[Image: Hall.jpg]

[Image: Cline2.jpg]

[Image: MVC-014F.jpg]

[Image: MVC-013F.jpg]

[Image: 554e2335.jpg]

[Image: HPIM3767.jpg]

[Image: HPIM3749.jpg]

[Image: HPIM3238.jpg]

[Image: HPIM3240.jpg]


Hi Bear i like your powder horns they look great i am going to get one to use with my 8 bore antonio zoli shotgun
It all looks well made, authentic, and functional.  However, vent picks and tools for flint maintenance like knapping and changing are conspicuous by their absence.   
Thank you. Just wanted to show a few things. Here is a couple more items.

As for vent picks do not use steel or hand forged vent picks since they can bevel the touch hole. I like to use copper wire like this.
[Image: 007-3.jpg]

[Image: 006-2.jpg]

Most of my bags are rigged out like this. Here is my .60 caliber bag with goodies.

[Image: JimsPhotos2613.jpg]

[Image: JimsPhotos2614.jpg]

[Image: JimsPhotos2615.jpg]


Very nice gear, Bear.  I especially like the knife,\.

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