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Cannons arrived :-)
Hi all
Here are a few pics of my cannon which a friend has made for me  Smile its taken a while but its here now and iv just had the trunions welded on today and he's done a great job.
Let me know what you think guys  Wink
[Image: Cannon12.jpg]
[Image: Cannon9.jpg]
Here is a pic before the trunions were welded on  Smile
[Image: cannon7.jpg]
[Image: cannon4.jpg]
Had to send off my licence today to get the calibre changed so once that's done I can drill the rest of the flash hole out and then off to the proof house  Smile

make sure you go early to beat the traffic at least one way
I go to a local greasy spoon for breakfast and then sit outside the gates waiting for the place to open ,you can have a nap outside the premises if you ask
saves getting a parking fine
Thanks il make sure I do  Smile I have my blue badge and im tax exempt so I should be ok parked outside  Smile
park in the proof house grounds , the traffic wardens are quite petty in Brum
book a long stay Big Grin because they do not rush  Wink
lol good to know thanks  Wink
Hi Rick. Nice looking cannon. I am a new member & would like to know the procedure for getting a cannon barrel proofed. Can you help?

John M Banks

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