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Cannon Barrel Proofing
Hi All, I am a new member. Can anyone tell me the procedure to have a miniature cannon barrel proofed at the Birmingham proof house.
Hi Jaybee

I would call the Birmingham Proof House on 0121 6433860 who are very helpful.  They will, of course,  need to know the calibre of the cannon.  They have a minimum charge which is plus vat (2010 list £30 + vat).

Good luck.
Mike at Boston
I'm in the process of making a .36cal naval cannon (7in barrel) which will need proofing at some stage. Does anyone know if said barrel can be sent to the proof house by post or is it considered a firearm requiring the services of a RFD?
Hi DesG, What metal are you using?
I've only made a brass ornamental barrel so far while we check our club insurance to allow cannon firing. I haven't investigated steel for a firer yet. After years of bp shooting this is my first foray into (legitimate) cannons.
Still a fair way to go with the decoration and accoutriments.
[Image: 20150204_225120.jpg]
[Image: cannon.jpg]
Thanks DesG, nice cannon.
Hi Mike@boston, thanks for that.
The North-South Skirmish Association shoot cannon at 100 and 200 yards --- some matches at NIGHT! They have vast experience of potential problems.  What worries me is that some people may be contemplating shooting some of the many cast iron cannon (of all sizes), many of which were purely for decoration.Apart from the legal position --- firing an "antique" one would negate the s.58(2) exemption for a licence to possess -- this could be potentially dangerous, even with blank charges -- the WAD is a projectile as well.
The N-SSA advise steel liners in cannon.
Do please be very circumspect.
Hi JayBee
Can you tell me where you got your plans from as I am looking to build the same model cannon?

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