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Homemade firearms.
Has anyone here ever made a barrel and had it put on their FAC? I've got a 1/2" cannon barrel almost completed (no touch hole yet) and an empty slot for a .5" cannon on my ticket but the local office don't have a clue how to join the two together. Their difficulty is the lack of audit trail. If anyone here has actually gone through the procedure could you please let me know how you managed it.
Hi Des, The Scottish Rep, Tom Clark is the best one to contact as he made 2 and had one put on his FAC and the other on his wife's FAC. Look at the MLAGB website and go to the contacts page. Scroll down on the "who would you like to contact" and select Scottish Representative Tom Clark. Hope this helps. Mike.
Yes thank you. I know Tom and Shonagh. I've entered their cannon comp.

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