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African Bushmen arms
Here is an interesting Bushman quiver.  It is leather stretched over a wooden core.  It looks very old and as if it came from a[Image: entirequiver-1.jpg]n Egyptian tomb, but it didn't.  I'll also show the arrows. 
Arrows are just over two feet long.  They are quite sharp and would have been coated with poison.  All they had to do was to make a hole deep enough to inject the poison.  The animal would run off chased by a Bushman. [Image: Bushmenarrows002-1.jpg][Image: Bushmenarrows001-1.jpg]  The arrow that has the frizzy fletching is the one with the sharp arrow shaped point.
Lovely pieces. Do the arrow shafts show nodes that suggest they are of cane or another grass-like species?

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