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Hunt the cannon
I am waiting the return of my FAC with the provision to hold a .69 cannon(please see my post in buy & sell)
My options I assume are:-new purchase-long delv
                                       s/hand hence post
                                       have a barrel made
Is there anyone who can make or knows someone who can make a barrel to match said cannon?
All rules and regs to be observed etc.
If you are in the market for a brass tube, and don't mind getting it from overseas, checkout  This gentleman makes a lot of nice tubes from solid brass stock in the .50 to .69 calibre size. 

I don't know if he ships overseas or the legality of overseas shipping of a barrel, but you could look into that. 
Thanks for reply.
I now have my Ardessa Old Ironside Cannon thanks to Greenjacket Antiques!

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