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Training Tip
Here in Nebraska - USA, our annual State Muzzle Loading Shoot takes place over Labor Day weekend.  The one thing I like to do to prepare for this event is to do my practicing on targets I know I will be shooting at for record come match time, especially the NMLRA animal targets which are all black and can be deceiving to the eye.  

My suggestion is to look for the sweet spot on each animal target as to give you the most points for your shot and if that shot should be a flyer perhaps that ball will fly into a 7, 8, or 9 ring scoring pattern on these rather odd targets.  Also if allowed at the event you're shooting at, keep a copy of the target likeness next to you.  It comes in handy to refer to that target copy should you find yourself falling behind the eight ball in points.  It will help in telling you where to move your point of aim.  This not only works on the animal targets, but for the standard ringed targets as well. Smile

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