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project bess
Hi, I'm nearing the end of a long hard fought campaign to restore an original India Pat. Bess to full working order. I have SG and BP Licenses. The barrel has survived its proof test. :o I have also joined the Mlagb and gathered together the necessary gubbins for live firing .Wedgenock is within range(no pun intended) and i have a car. What is my next step please? I should add that i do have previous experience of 7.62 SLR .50 Browning and 120mm (Chieftain tank) from a previous life, but not very much muzzle loading. Thanks,  Tomo Memb. 5222
Have you made contact with your local MLAGB Branch? The list on this web site should help you identify which would be appropriate and an email to the Membership Office will establish contact details. You should then be able to get local guidance on shooting your Bess. Good to hear that an original has been brought back to shooting order.

Try also contacting the MLAGB Rifle Secretary, Allan Whiffin. He has a lot of experience shooting flintlock muskets and should be able to give you some sound advice.

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Thanks, i'll get on to it. Tomo

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