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What measurers for deaf people on shooting range?
Doea anyone have any information on how to cope with the possible safety problems with deaf people on a shooting range bearing in mind that when we wear hearing protection we are all deaf to a certain extent?
Maybe a colored flag or semaphore system: red for Range Hot,  Green for Cold,  or the words HOT/SAFE.   My club has a red/green banner, but there's often misunderstanding if Green means green is okay to go downrange, or green is okay to shoot.  The flags are in the center along the firing line where people may not be looking very often during a relay - so better would perhaps be a visual indicator downrange.
Don't use red & green. The most common form of colour blindness is red / green. Traffic lights now have a "modified" green light, which some people see as blue, but I have an aquaintance who find it hard to believe that people operate on the colour difference---he goes on the position of the light!

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