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Fitting a patch/ball to the rifling
This is from the 45 Edition - Lyman Reloading Handbook, which I believe is from 1970.

[Image: Patch-Ball.jpg]

[Image: Patch-Ball4.jpg]

[Image: Patch-Ball5.jpg]

[Image: Patch-Ball2.jpg]

[Image: Patch-Ball3.jpg]


Bear, thank you indeed. This confirms what I was taught years ago was correct.  Reading patches is indeed accurate.  FINDING the patches in the timber is another thing.  This is why these things ( pairing the weapon with the right combination ) should be done where you can see the patch as it exits the muzzle.  Re-reading this again will only confirm my training.  Thank you.  I WILL say there may be issues on powder grain size and patch lube that will go on for millenia.  The basic instructions are the same though.

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