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The Acoutrements of an Officer 18C
Pre teen i used to read Hugh McDonald Fraser's books and Bernard Cornwell and other 17c and 18c military inspired fictions, as well as a few biography's of real soldiers.

Rarely i find the time to read proper books at the moment; which is a shame as i love reading.

Anyway; i was wondering if anyone had or would help me compile a list of all the accessories and accoutrements any officer worth his salt new joined would be expected or required to buy. This officer would be joining an infantry brigade / regiment; so we needed concern yourself with  what's happening in the royal navy, royal artillery, Engineers, or cavalry regiments

As i understand it officers purchased a commission more often than not; Bought their uniforms ( how many was usual? ) Horses? Personal arms... consisting of?

Hoping someone can help! While i know a good book will undoubtedly provide all these questions with answers i don't have the time at present to read. However if you would like to point me to a good book, i shall probably buy it for the future. 

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