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Hawksley powder flask spring needed
Hi all, trying to locate a replacement spring for my old original Hawksley flask. It's a big 'un- top flange 1 7/16" diam approx., bottom flange 1 11/16" diam approx., gap between 3/32" approx.
From photos of similar on the net, it appears the flat spring sits on the bottom flange and around the top flange, but not sure if this is the correct fitment or it should sit between flanges?
Can anyone suggest a source or by chance has got one kicking about?? (Kranks only seem to do small ones) many thanks
i could wire one out but its expensive running a spark erosion machine
You could try Peter Dyson & Sons Ltd.    Peter or Wendy might be able to help you.
Good luck.
Thanks both. Have checked out peter Dyson, from their website it looks like £45 to make and fit a spring, and you need to send them the top. Not sure if my flask is worth that expense......
they do a very good job though, worth the cash.
Yes, you think what it must cost in time.  Especially when the £45 includes 20% VAT and other taxes.   
Hello Wootang,If you mail our president ,Bill Harriman at BASC he may know someone in the spring business..DEVA

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