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Firearms and Easyjet
The budget airline Easyjet for many years would have nothing to do with carrying firearms. This was unfortunate as they go to many places in Europe where we might wish to compete.
Good news. On checking in for a flight to Portugal I just thought I would check on there conditions regarding firearms. This what I found:

Sporting Firearms null
Carriage of sporting/competition firearms is subject to terms and conditions.

Passengers travelling with firearms must arrive at the bag drop desks at least 90 minutes prior to the scheduled departure of your flight in order that we can carry out all the necessary checks. If you arrive after this time you may not be permitted to fly.

All passengers intending to travel with firearms or ammunition must ensure they have the required: (a) documentation and licences; (b) export/import licences; and © authorisation from local and national authorities.

To book, select "Sporting firearm" from the drop-down "Add another hold bag or sports equipment"
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