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I have been rationalising my collection of English revolvers -- as a result I will be putting at least 13 cased and 3 uncased ones on my tables at the TM  Trade Show 15th/16th Oct in the NRA Pavilion.  They will include a John Adams M1866, a 2nd Model Longspur, THREE Tranter "Treble Actions" + 5 more cased Tranters,  Callisher & Terry "Beaumont" and several others.
(They are duplicates from my personal collection and NOT "stock" from Classic Gun Co.)

The next stage is to go through the M1851 Adams and the Deane-Hardings ..  and THEN I have to start on the other stuff ---  I HAVE to get the collection down to under 200 soon ;-)

I will be using the sale proceeds to fund the purchase of a collection of Tranters in the USA!

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