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Cleaning .
Lidl are advertising small hand held steam cleaners for under £15.00p
Bought one of these recently. Fitted it up with micro bore pipe and drilled a blanking cap with 3 small holes and soldered to end of pipe (as per the pedersoli type). Unfortunately, for shotgun barrel cleaning, it was pretty useless. It needs more pressure/bigger receiver to be effective I feel. Might be ok for pistols?
Whatever happened to a bucket of boiling water, a bristle brush on a cleaning rod ?  Sad
Feltwad,Still the best way,I think,with Smooth bore but you would be surprised at how much extra crud comes out with steaming out rifle barrels.
I haven't tried the Lidl one but my Aldi gives good pressure for a couple of long .45 barrels from one fill. OLD DOG.

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