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Northern Shooting Show
The Northern Shooting Show will be held on the 6th and 7th of May at Yorkshire show ground Near Harrogate.It should be a good day out plenty to see  not forgetting the MLAGB stand for both the display of antique weapons and the shooting have a go .See you there
Thought there would have been more interest in this thread  from members especially those from up North.
Is it because the MLAGB is little represented in this part of the country?
Do not forget the Northern Shooting Show  on the 6th and 7th May  all country sports represented .Hope the MLAGB stand is represented this year which I hope to pay a visit on Saturday the 6th

I am aware of several MLAGB members from the North and Midlands that are going to the show including myself.
Made it to the Northern Shooting  Show on Saturday there was a good attendance  plus traffic problems on getting there .
Visited the muzzle loading  static  and shooting display  must congratulated the usual members  for their effort on both  display and the shooting it is these type of members that keep the association going
Feltwad ;
Static Display
[Image: 100_1688_zpsc9rteysf.jpg]
The Static Display
[Image: 100_1689_zpsxdm5vrcj.jpg]

The Shooting Display Have  A  Go
[Image: 100_1685_zpsgajhqthz.jpg]
And if anyone did miss it they have dates for it until 2021, so it will be there for a while.

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