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Full Version: Sourcing .577 Enfield Snider brass shells.
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Good morning everyone,
I have sourced a proper .577 Enfield Snider MkIII here in Italy at the not incredible price of 650 Euros. It looks in VG conditions.
Only thing preventing me from getting it is that I find very little references to sources of shells for it.
Are them available in the UK, any hint?
I am tempred to use normal plastic hunting shells .24 cut down.
After all they should fit in the chamber and should easily stand the pressures generated by the BP load....

Any comment or suggestion?

For information on using shotgun shells and sources of brass, look at
Quote:For information on using shotgun shells and sources of brass, look at

Could it be britishmilitariaforums?
Check    they sell snider cases, dies, etc.
Buffaloarms doesn't sell rifle cases outside the USA....

I know of two sources of cases in the UK.

Henry Krank at
They supply .577 Snider Bertram Bullet cases at £3.90 each.
They have had a very fast delivery with everything I have ordered from them but I have not ordered cases for some years.

Kynoch at
According to what I have heard  from others I think that they may be cheaper than the Bertram cases at Henry Krank. However I have never dealt with them myself.


Hello.  I have just seen this post and hope I am not too late.   
We have a source in the UK for Snider (and Martini-Henry) cases at about £1.50 per case as of today.   They are sized brass 24 gauge shotgun cases (Boxer primers) imported from the Republic of South Africa.   Recently had 20 mailed to me for my M-H.   Phone Phil of 'Truflight', Birmingham, on 0121-4308299.  Unfortunately no internet address.   Great people, great service.  They supply a whole range of cases and cast bullets including obsolete calibres and are a pleasure to deal with.

Good luck,

B.P. Pete.
I have 29 unused Kynoch Snider (for Berdan primers) cases  and six used ,£72 inc P&P


You can buy 24 magtech shotshels from Buffalo Arms, shotshels may be exported.
Please be aware that these 24 Gauge (bore) brass shotgun cartridge cases are not solid head, they are the equivalent to the old balloon head cases, these should be OK for Snider or Martini Henry pressures, but it is something you should be aware of.
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