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  Muzzle Loading Shotguns
Posted by: Feltwad - 10-01-2019, 05:28 PM - Forum: Sales & Wants - No Replies

I am looking for muzzle loading  shotguns in percussion or flintlock by the following Gun Makers Swainton, Rowntree, Dalkin, Hesketh, Borrowdale, Brebner, .

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  Black powder pistol postal league
Posted by: Crabwall - 09-01-2019, 04:06 PM - Forum: Black Powder Chat - Replies (2)

Hi could anyone tell me is there a cap & ball pistol  postal league , To give us a bit of interest in the club,it is hard work generating enthusiasm in black Powder,many thanks Phil.

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Posted by: jimhallam - 02-01-2019, 07:05 PM - Forum: Books & Ephemera - Replies (1)

Next month I hope to be able to produce a list of books which I have been tasked to dispose of, from several deceased estates.
If you would like to have a copy please send me an e-mail


j i m (at) j i m h a l l a m (dot) me (dot) eu ------------   no spaces and replace the obvious symbols.

Books ideally collectable from Bisley to avoid high postage costs.

Happy New Year -- - I am off to the Vegas Show  ;-)

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  Holbrook Underhammer
Posted by: Rusty_Barrel - 26-12-2018, 04:25 PM - Forum: Sales & Wants - No Replies

A Holbrook Underhammer rifle in .451 and .460 calibre. Rifle comes with Holbrook front tunnel sights (with and without spirit bubble level), rear sight (Dr Goodwin) and a .451 Tebbs heavy barrel with muzzle protector. Rifle is also presented with a .460 Eichelberger progressive twist barrel. Both barrels are profiled to the Holbrook action and can be removed with the aid of a barrel vice (supplied - C. Higginbottom) or by hand. Both bores are in excellent condition.
Two (interchangeable) rifle stocks, a tiger stripe maple and dark hardwood stock, C. Higginbottom adjustable PP mold (and GG molds), .451 sizing die, spare springs, spring material and paper patching necessaries are included in the sale.

Additional items include a removable X patching/muzzle protector fixture for the .451 barrel.

Asking £1000. Will consider sensible offers.

Face 2 face preferred or can ship to RFD if necessary. Shipping to Europe can be arranged at additional cost.
Contact Tel No. 07812946373 (anytime) for additional information.

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  European Firearms Pass
Posted by: David_Erskine - 22-12-2018, 04:58 PM - Forum: Events - Replies (1)

Now when I mention "Brexit" please don"t all run for cover, but come March 2019 whether we have a agreed exit or a cliff edge departure, one thing is certain the EFP (European Firearms pass) will become a thing of the past and like many things regarding Brexit, does anyone have any idea what will replace it or have knowledge that anyone within the shooting fraternity have raised this matter with the Government ( or should I say the PM as it appears they are the only one privi to what their plan is) .......
So after 585 pages of a carefully constructed exit plan who is in charge of Appendix A, the replacement for the EFP...... Rolleyes

Answers may also be directed at whoever the current Brexit Secretary is today.!!!!

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  New Shooter
Posted by: NickT - 16-12-2018, 10:53 PM - Forum: Black Powder Chat - Replies (9)


I'm looking for some friendly advice - I have been shooting for 30 years and yet somehow have not managed to try black powder and muzzle loading yet... Fultons of Bisley (where most of my salary gets spent) pointed me to and I can see there is a St Albans branch,but there are no contact details and I'd be grateful if anyone could share those.

Also, is there any recommended reading on the subject?  I am trying not to dash out and get a variation and buy the Uberti 1851 Navy without doing the due diligence...

Thanks in advance!

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Posted by: jimhallam - 08-12-2018, 09:59 AM - Forum: Sales & Wants - No Replies

Just in case anyone has one hidden away, I am looking for two cylinders for the M1868 Tranter .450 revolver -- - one 6-shot and one 5-shot (for the "pocket model")
I acquired two revolvers from a deceased estate of a well-known MLAGB Member. He had them "off ticket" because he had replaced the cartridge cylinders with "home made" percussion ones, adding a peg on the LH side of the action for a First Model type rammer and claiming that they were "dual system" where the cartridge cylinder was missing.  They were, of course, still "the major parts of a Section 5(1)(aba) short firearm" and he could well have had his collar felt.
Amongst the Os & Ss were the two well-made rammers but NOT the original .450 cylinders.
I do have Home  Office Authority for many classes of Section 5 so am able to take in any items "..... found in deceased persons effects" (like the Home Guard cache last year which was in the back of a Surrey garage -- 4 .303s, two other BA rifles, an M1 carbine, 4 .455 revolvers, 3 .45 Colt 1911s and a M1928 Thompson -- plus ammo!)

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  Starting to shoot pistol.
Posted by: Diz9000 - 28-11-2018, 11:31 PM - Forum: Pistol - Replies (5)

Hi one and all.

Well after a year of shooting my m/l rifle (.54 cal Hawken) and thoroughly enjoying it. Having tried a few friends pistol , have decided to take the plunge and get my own. The variation went in and I have been looking for my first purchase. ?
I have kind of made my mind up to go for .36 cal, preferably single shot (not totally ruled out revolvers but almost ) , percussion.
Have short listed the Pedersoli Mortimer, Pedersoli Le Page and the Jim Greathead underhammer.
Typically, now that I am able to buy (fingers crossed), the availability is starting to dry up , online anyway (or so it seems ?)
If anyone has or knows of any of these for sale ,at a reasonable price. definitely can’t afford new prices, being disabled on a pension kind of limits my funds (as well as hiding it from my wife lol )


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  Repro sxs Shotgun
Posted by: Feltwad - 26-11-2018, 07:49 AM - Forum: Shotgun - Replies (3)

In the last 6 months there has been a lot of repro sxs  muzzle loaders coming up for sale  at reasonable prices  not only private but more so at  Auctions  . To any body looking for a sxs repro now is the time do buy more so when the same gun brand new will be £900 plus 

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  Pedersoli Kuchenreuter Pistol For Sale.
Posted by: Blind_Pugh - 21-10-2018, 07:41 PM - Forum: Sales & Wants - Replies (5)

Good Evening.  I am selling my Mint Pedersoli Kuchenreuter Pistol as I find I am using it less and less and, as we know this won't satisfy my requirement to use it 'regularly'.
It's a beautiful gun, .40" calibre with a 10" PMG barrel.  I have fitted a replacement Copper Berylium Nipple and the gun performs very well with a moderate load of Swiss 2 powder behind a .395" ball over a 010" lubed patch.
I have tried without success to post pictures of the pistol (File too large) so if you are interested please PM me and I will e-mail you a set.  Priced to sell at £400.  I would prefer a face-to-face transaction but I can post it to your RFD at cost.

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