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  Samuel Moore Shotgun
Posted by: Feltwad - 29-12-2004, 03:39 AM - Forum: Shotgun - Replies (1)

Information required on a 10bore s/b shotgun with a 39inch iron barrel converted from flint to percussion with a drum and nipple.The markings on the top of the barrel are GR under a crown and the Birmingham proof marks.On the underside is a number 4 with other marks erased, which suggest it was origanally a Brown Bess or a trade musket.A walnut half stock, a flint trigger guard and early type of cheekering at the wrist only.The lock is side lock hand built with the name Samuel Moore Warranted on the lock plate.When I purchased the gun a number of years ago at Nottingham Arms Fair the dealer said he purchased the gun in the U.S.A. Iwould like to know was Samuel Moore an American provincial gunsmith, if so when and where did he apply his trade.

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  A Very Merry Christmas
Posted by: bill_curtis - 26-12-2004, 12:07 AM - Forum: Black Powder Chat - Replies (1)

Can't let the day pass without wishing All our Members a Very Merry Christmas and something extra special to add to their collections during 2005 from  Number 19, Old Bill.

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  Photo in Blackpowder magazine
Posted by: James_Walton - 21-12-2004, 09:35 PM - Forum: Musket & Rifle - Replies (3)

I have just received my copy of the latest Blackpowder newsletter (nice one Kim) and thought that I would write in with my response to a photo that appears near the back, under the wordsearch.<br><br>I am writing this at work, without the magazine to hand and so I can't name the contributor, but the photo shows a rifleman firing at a target.<br><br>The rifleman is wreathed in thick white smoke from the muzzle, but a faint trail of "smoke" can also clearly be seen arcing from the muzzle towards the target.<br><br>So what causes this? I have a couple of theories:<br><br>(1) The "trace" phenomenon. This is an effect caused by the bullet's passage through the air, which causes a change in the way that the air refracts light. This is what some spotters use to "call" shots to shooters but it usually appears as a trail of light rather than as smoke.<br><br>(2) The "vapour" phenomenon. This is seen, but only rarely, with high velocity projectiles. The bullet's passage causes an area of low air pressure to form in its wake and water vapour from the air momentarily condenses, giving the impression of a train of smoke. The same thing causes the con-trails left by aircraft. This only happens in specific conditions but would account for the impression of "smoke".<br><br>(3) Reflection of light from the bullet. At low velocities, this might leave a trail, but again this would be seen as a streak of light, not a trail of smoke.<br><br>(4) Some small object, such as a fragment of lumpy powder or a piece of wadding material stuck to the bullet, smouldering and leaving a trail of smoke behind it.<br><br>Personally, I think the (2) is the most likely but it is very rare to see this effect and the contributor was lucky to catch it on camera.<br><br>Anyone else have any thoughts?<br><br>James

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  Wm. Moore Shotgun
Posted by: Big_Buck - 16-12-2004, 11:17 AM - Forum: Shotgun - Replies (10)

I have a Wm. Moore double barrel shotgun. As near as I can tell this company was in London, England around 1854-1872. The barrel says laminated steel. The gun is in excellent condition, it was a gift from an uncle who used it hunting. It has a leather shoulder carrier with tubes for shot and powder. Can anyone tell me more about the company and the gun?

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  Build Own Cannon?
Posted by: mike_m - 05-12-2004, 11:48 PM - Forum: Cannon & Mortar - Replies (21)

Hello All<br><br>Just joined MLAGB. Interested in building and firing 1:20 (or bigger) scale black powder cannons of the Napoleonic style.<br><br>Where can I get plans/drawings and material specifications to build my own? I have a lathe and access to a professional milling machine.<br><br>Any help or advice would be much appreciated.<br><br>I live in Cheshire area<br><br>Mike

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  Indian Brunswick
Posted by: Daryl - 03-12-2004, 11:30 PM - Forum: Musket & Rifle - No Replies

Well I've done it, I've ordered one of the Nepalese two groove first model Brunswicks from IMA in the States. Apparently they are in very good order. Made in India under British supervision for Nepal?<br>Will probably take ages to get here, especially with Christmas, will report when I get it. Don't suppose quality will be anything like as good as my Tower 2nd model.

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  Thomas Boss Shotgun 1854
Posted by: davidmills02 - 02-12-2004, 10:33 PM - Forum: Shotgun - Replies (4)

Can you give me an idea of the value of a Thomas Boss shotgun, the number is 1329 which was made in 1854 according to the records at Boss & co

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  Thomas Boss Shotgun 1854
Posted by: davidmills02 - 02-12-2004, 10:33 PM - Forum: Sales & Wants - No Replies

This topic has been moved to [link=;action=display;num=1102092088;start=0]Shotgun[/link] by Forum Admin.

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  LePage Standard Target
Posted by: mec - 30-11-2004, 01:40 PM - Forum: Pistol - Replies (5)

Glad to see your forum back up. I suspect most of you know more about this item than I do but I won't let that stop me.  I've recently gotten into a .45 Lepage Pistol<br>[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=20082]<br><br>Our national full service distributor for the Pedersoli line is Beuchamp's Flintlocks Etc in Mass.  I hope everybody has access to such an excellent service/ accessories/parts concern.<br>[Image: lepageaccessories.jpg]<br><br>This one uses a .433 patched ball and I find that an un-patched .440" ball would engrave the rifling if loaded though the groove-to groove barrel diameter is .450."  My best casually rested 50 yard group has come with goex fffg black powder and was shot while I was chronographing.  (sitting on the ground and using my knees for a rest. ) A pyrodex P group was about one inch bigger.<br>[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=20081]<br>On this target, I decided to start close and walk backwards shooting until i missed. As you can see, I missed big time at 50 yards.<br><br>The generic loading data supplied with the .45 pistols sold by Dixie Gun Works suggests 30 grains of black powder and equivalent with the patched ball.  I found 20 grains much more tractible and accurate.  The Hogdons 777 is a hot BP substitute and works very well at 15 grains<br>Load                                                 Velocity   Spread<br>30 Grains/Volume Pyrodex P            1060 fps    150<br>20 Grains/Volume Pyrodex P              949 fps    110<br>20 Grains/Volume  fffg                        868 fps    104<br>15 Grains /Volume H777                     864 fps      98<br>The extreme spreads are larger than I find with most of my pistol and revolver loads but it doesn't seem to interfer with consistent accuracy.  <br><br>I find that   placing my second finger on the trigger guard hook actually does steady it quite a bit and my results are about what I get with a good Smith K 22 target revolver.  <br><br>This is a very satisfying target pistol

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  Adams and Co
Posted by: Robin_G_Hewitt - 30-11-2004, 12:34 AM - Forum: Pistol - Replies (3)

I just bought their price list on ebay for a tenner ;D<br><br>It has the 9 Finsbury Place address so it's 1869-79, would those dates include them revolvers or had they been superceded?

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