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Beamont Adams repair?
This is useful.
I find that there is little or no pressure from spring P and whilst in single action the upper sear will usually engage the half cock bent, it will only engage at full cock if I push the sear down with a screwdriver.
Double action works approx 25% of the time. Wear appears minimal.
I'm not sure about the long sear.
I think your suspicion that springs lie at the root of the problem chimes with my thoughts.

I've found a chap who used to work for a famous Edinburgh gunsmith who likes good quality M/Ls and who's only 35 miles away so I hope the problem should be rectified soon.

I'll post further details when I have them. Will also post a pic.
The avatar, by the way, is a 90 bore Webley solid frame from my small collection.

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