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I forgot to add the FOURTH category of "handgun" (  I HATE that Americanism! ) --- for the privileged few who are on the GB Pistol Squad.  The avarage law abiding shooter has NO real chance of getting into it but the members get a special "Section 5 Authority" from the Home Office so that the politicians can save face.
There is also the little known scheme called "Troops to target" which supports  training for UIT Events for serving soldiers (etc) ...   personally I think that both of these schemes are unfair to the rest of us, so I am not too upset to hear that shooting is off the agenda for the NEXT Commonwealth games in 2022.  

BTW, I was amazed to see that the Radio Times EASTER Edition has a nerly full-page spread on shooting --- but I think that it is because David Calvert is 67, not because he is a great target rifle shooter  ;-)

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