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Irish Riflemen in America
A couple of months ago Precision Shooting magazine carried some editorial comment on Arthur Leech's book "Irish Riflemen in America".  Leech was the Captain of the Irish team that competed against America at Creedmoor in 1874 and his book documenting the buildup to and the event itself, plus the team travels in the US was published in 1875.<br><br>Precision Shooting have now reprinted the book in a limited edition of 1000 copies. <br><br>For more information go to:<br><br>They are asking $39.95 plus shipping and handling.<br><br>David
Research Press -
Firearms, long range target shooting and associated history
Thanks for that link.  Some great books there.

When I saw the post title "Irish Riflemen in America" my first thought was Timothy Murphy from the America Revolution/Rebellion.
There is a little known story of 200 or so Irishmen who deserted from the US Army and joined the Mexican forces during the Mexican War of 1846-48.  The wore green uniforms.  They fought against American forces and were captured.  They were hanged.
Damn - I suppose that means that my original copy of Leech has now diminished in value.
W. S. (Bill) Curtis
Just incase you didn't spot it Bill, the original post was in 2004. I have an original (signed) copy of Leech's book too - I think the rare one's are NOT signed! Smile

Re. prices, I am aware of one signed original on offer for $1,100 at the moment.... it has been advertised for a little while now.

Research Press -
Firearms, long range target shooting and associated history

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