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Original Gun Patents on Offer
From Guthrum.

In researching for my new book, Thomas Wilson his Patents, Arms and Ammunition, I have come across many areas of interest and one in particular I would like to pass on to all antique gun collectors, is the opportunity to own a piece of history about one of your favourite guns you may own or have an interest in.
Quite simply Manchester Central Library some years back decided to dispose of its old patents. The result has been the unique opportunity and once in a lifetime event to purchase a patent from a Specialist Bookshop in London. The library housed only one of each patent for reference purposes, so the shop can only sell what it still has in stock. Thankfully I scored well with my obscure Victorian designer obtaining the main patents with their original drawings.
Although some of the well known patents have been sold, many supportive or minor change patents exist with beautiful drawings and descriptions.
Whether it is;  Westley Richards, Martini F. Von, Daw George Henry, Henry Alexander, Snider Jacob Jnr,  Reeves Charles, Churchill Charles, Manton George Henry, Manton John, Manton Joseph, Sharps Christain, Soper William or Colt Samuel, just ask and you may be lucky to hold and own an original patent.
Most of the patent prices I have seen are pegged at £100, but a Winchester will start much higher if there are any left, again it depends on the gun and its designer.
Quite a few of us in South Africa and Australia have already taken advantage of this knowledge and have not been disappointed especially with the more obscure capping breech-loaders we have down south and I know there are still quite few patents held for Westley Richards.  For those who might be interested I have listed the gentleman’s contact details below.
M.A. Stroh (bookseller) (Maurice will answer questions and then guide and direct you to the various professional book ordering links for making any purchases).
(Maurice Stroh)
Riverside House, Leaside Road,
London E5 9LU
Phone/fax 0208 806 3690
mobile: 07757 639285
Listed on Advanced Book Exchange   
NB. All Correspondence should be addressed to “Early and Historic Firearms Patents” to ensure direct communication with the department.



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