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Joseph Brazier Early Breech Loading Patents
I am interested in  an early D/B shotgun snap action breech loading patent drawing {single bite} by Joseph Brazier {Ashers}too aid my restoration
Have you seen this type of pin fire D/B action by Joseph Brazier {Ashes} or do you know the patent number Images enclosed

Action  showing the locking bolt notice the slot in the bottom which engages the sliding triggerguard bow .The slot in the top is for some type of safety device which is missing.this goes up through the action {see image 2}

[Image: 100_0670_zps9f5b2ad3.jpg]

[Image: 100_0672_zps2a592b1c.jpg]

[Image: 100_0675_zps66ee79c1.jpg]

Images the opening mechanism showing the type of sliding triggergaurd bow

[Image: 100_0681_zps732a7b97.jpg]
[Image: 100_0682_zps2eac85ce.jpg]

Have you seen this patent and do you know the patent number it would be a big help in restoration of this rare piece
Can any member forwad me the address , telephone number or email of the British patent office that will hold  gun patents of 1850 to 1870.
Do you have anything to suggest that it was Patented at all? I have the seven volume set of Patents for Inventions (small arms), 1855-1930 plus another book that covers Patents 1588-1858.

I can only find one Patent for Joseph Brazier, that's 1855 No. 760 and for a revolver rammer.

Could it be this though:

No. 259,  Brazier, R. 30 January 1864 [Provisional protection only]
Breech actions, drop-down barrel. - The spring locking-bolt, which passes horizontally through the break-off into a recess in the barrel lump, is connected to the trigger guard, which can be slid backwards to unlock the bolt. This bolt is secured in the locking position by a small vertical spring, the lower end of which is pushed down into a hole in the locking-bolt when that has entered the barrel lump. The vertical bolt is secured in locked position by a sliding plate, against which the upper end of the bolt presses. The barrel lump is formed with a face adjustable by a screw.

There are no illustrations in my reference. In seeking a Patent specification you need to cite the number and year. This should help as a reference in searching patents:

Also have a look at the Wolverhampton Gunlock Makers web site. May be worth contacting the site owner.

Research Press -
Firearms, long range target shooting and associated history
Thanks David .I would say it is Richard Braziers patent No  259 30th January  1864  built on Joseph Braziers action.I will go down this line and see what it returns.
Hello Feltwad,
What is the lettering under Joseph Brazier on the table? Dosen't look like Ashes. I have a single muzzle loading type lock plate with a slot in front of the tumbler pivot hole for a safety catch that is stamped inside R.BRAZIER . No Ashes.
I presume this came from a rifle as it is the same size as other Brazier lock plates I have.
I have the Field patent I wrote about if it would compliment your collection. Go well, DEVA..

Yes it is  [Ashes] on the action .

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