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50 cal smooth bore useing on a target range in uk
ok i have tried finding the relevant part in the uk gun laws where it states you can use a smooth bore musket thats held on a shotgun certificate to use round ball or maxi ball on a suitable rifle range only, but i have had no luck just peoples own veiws on the subject i even drove an 80 odd mile round trip to a shooting range but that was no help, anyone know where to find it ??? thanks dave
You should not have any problem shooting round ball from a smooth bore musket on a suitable range.  An SGC is fine.  Whereabouts in the UK do you live?
Hi i am in fife and i have asked my local firearms office to see if they can help, so ill wait and see , dave
update so no one has been able to help even after a few phone calls to the firearms department from a few people and me phoneing the home office and now getting in contact with the sottish goverment, but i aint holding my breath, sorry if this is going to throw a very big spanner in the works but the law needs to be put in writeing that everyone can see and understand instead of all the crap that even the home office find confusing
The use of a smoothbore muzzle loading long arm, held on a SGC, with ball on an approved range is permitted BECAUSE IT IS NOT FORBIDDEN.

If this is pushed too far into the realms of officialdom with demands that they put it clearly in writing that it IS permitted then they will reconsider the whole position and you will wind up with some jobsworth causing additional legislation which will not clarify the situation but simply ban it and then we will all have lost out.

Be patient about this, there are people who are working on the Fife police.

If you wish to push this more yourself, I suggest that you write to the Chief Constable of Fife and demand that he produce for you, chapter and verse, EXACTLY, where this is forbidden citing which sections of the Firearms Acts forbid it. 
W. S. (Bill) Curtis
Quote:...use a smooth bore musket thats held on a shotgun certificate to use round ball or maxi ball on a suitable rifle range only...
Maybe I am mistaken, but you appear to be questioning whether you can ONLY use your smooth-bore with a solid projectile on an approved rifle range?

The answers to date confirm that you can indeed shoot ball on a rifle range, but are you in fact trying to find where the law states that this is a limitation. Are you seeking to shoot ball rather than shot from your smoothbore on land you have permission to shoot on (even though not a rifle range)?

Research Press -
Firearms, long range target shooting and associated history
Hi Bill and David  bill i have to push it as fife police said if i  use my musket on a range with round ball they will charge me with firearms offences, david no i dont want to fire round ball on the farm i live on only on a range
You must write to the Chief Constable quoting the remarks made to you that you will be prosecuted and demand to know under EXACTLY which provisions of the Firearms Acts this intended prosecution will be brought.  You should then state that if such a prosecution is attempted you will fight it in the Crown Court and that you will also pursue a claim against the Police for harassment.

I would add that you are turning to the National shooting bodies for assistance without, as I have heard, being a member of one ?
W. S. (Bill) Curtis
Hi Bill i was a basc member a few years ago and when i had a problem with the police they did not help, i told andrew i would join the MLAGB when i get this sorted also money is short as i am not working  dave
This thread has amazed me. That Fife police (I presume not all of them, just a FLO) would prosecute when as far as I'm aware, no other force would, seems to confirm my long held belief that the police operate on the 'wesayso' principle. I would certainly ask them under what act and section a person would be charged. Don't assume malice, though, in any situation adequately explained by stupidity.

I'm a little surprise that the MLAGB hasn't got an answer stored away, as this must be a basic issue which i would have been certain they have resolved long ago.

There is always a problem about finding laws prohibiting something when no laws exist. As Bill mentions, as a general principle on law, if something is not specifically forbidden then it is lawful. As I've said previously, I think this boils down to what is defined as ammunition.

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