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India pattern Musket, ball size?
Jeff Tanner will cut you a round ball mould to any diameter you wish.

Fine single cavity brass moulds, just be aware that they have no sprue plate so the sprue needs nipping off when the balls have cooled.
Right, I purchased a mould without a sprue-plate and had a little test run.

When it was up to a decent working temperature I  cast some pretty good ball (for a first timer).

However of the forty or so I kept (junked the first few back into the melt) the ones in the middle of the run have quite a large cavity. Its can be a sixteenth to an eighth of an inch across and quite deep.
I didn't notice this until I trimmed the sprue.

So, any ideas what I'm doing wrong ?
Try tipping the mould a little to one side when pouring in the lead.  And trickle it into the lower side.  This will allow air to escape.

The trickiest thing for those new to casting is to get the mould to the best temperature.  And to keep it there.   Especially with a large ball or bullet and a relatively small brass mould.   Too cool and the lead ball will not fully form and/or be wrinkled.  Too hot and the mould may slightly warp and open up a little.    Experience helps. 

Just don't cool an overheated mould by dunking in water.    Water, even a tiny drop, can cause molten lead to splatter a great distance - like a mini explosion.   Keep water far away.

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